Take 2: Pleasurable Parliament

Posted by on June 6, 2015


A warm, winter’s day dawned and off we all went to Parliament! Moms, you rocked in finding parking and making your way to the Assembly point well within our time constraints. You are all so awesome and make running this group such a pleasure!

Our guide, Aitu, was fantastic, and kept us all entertained, Explorers and the adults alike….(this call was at the end of our tour!)



We learnt so much about the National Council of Provinces and the National Assembly,


We happened to be allowed to enter the old Parliament Assembly…


and were privileged to have an actual Minister of Parliament come and speak to us about the inner workings of the job! (Thanks Justine!)


This young Explorer on the far right kept everyone on their toes with an incredible recall of his knowledge of the Living Letter. Our guide was blown away!


Anyone for Speaker of the house?

Another lovely outing Explorers….thank you!



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