Noon Gun!

Posted by on October 27, 2012


Explorers, wasn’t yesterday fantastic? I was delighted when the clouds parted on the way to the Noon Gun. The rain disappeared and the sun even sneaked a peek! It was a lovely day out, wasn’t it?

The view was spectacular. Some of you were able to point out Green Point Lighthouse from where we were standing, as well as Green Point Park.


I loved watching you scramble


and explore to your heart’s content…



And there was so much to be explored!

Even our littlest on this outing had fun!

I loved what we could learn about the Noon Gun…that yesterday was the 64 925th time these guns have been fired since 1806!


Did you learn anything new from the naval officer yesterday? I did…and that’s something I love about Cape Explorers – we keep on learning new things, adding to the knowledge we’ve already gained from our Living Letters!

I learnt that the red flag is raised to warn of danger –  that there will be a gun (or in this case a cannon) firing…

I learnt that the amount of gunpowder has been halved in years gone by due to the increasing size of Cape Town. I can now understand first hand why the  Noon Gun was moved to Lion Battery!

I learnt that these two little things are the detonators. …and that they no longer do the two minutes of silence – we were so prepared weren’t we!

Wasn’t it interesting to learn how the cannons are prepared to be fired?

All set and ready for action!

We were warned…

And so you did! (with condolences to the boys who lost hair :) )


And then….BOOM!


Did you feel the ground tremble when the cannon boomed? Some of you got a great fright – it was loud wasn’t it?!


It was lovely to picnic with some of you afterwards too…


Thank you for making my special day so extra special Cape Explorers!

Until the next time!


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