Great Groot Constantia!

Posted by on May 11, 2013

Wasn’t yesterday so lovely? I just love autumn, these crisp days with wide expanses of blue sky and a nip in the air! I do hope we’ll be able to fit in many more outings before the rain comes!

As I said in my living letter, this place, Groot Constantia has a such a special place in my heart.

CE Groote Constantia-45

From its oak lined avenue…

CE Groote Constantia-38

CE Groote Constantia-15


And the stately manor house – don’t you love that you can see all the way through the manor house right through to the building right at the back?

CE Groote Constantia-20

And the beauty! The nature around us…

CE Groote Constantia-48

CE Groote Constantia-49

and the landscape…

CE Groote Constantia-21

A beautiful place with beautiful people!

I enjoyed our tour with Mrs Murray, didn’t you? My favorite part by far was having  a tiny sip of Savanna- Rose’s fruit juice, and watching you learning how adults taste it!


See you next time!

One Response to Great Groot Constantia!

  1. Joni

    Brent has outdone himself. The photo’s are absolutely beautiful! Hope he’s receiving royalties :-)