What exactly is Cape Explorers?

Simply put, it’s an elementary geography, history and nature course run through outings that happen twice a month, accompanied by “Living Letters” written to the children. It’s primarily for children (and their parents) who are interested in appreciating and discovering (or for the parents, re-discovering) the historical, cultural and natural richness and beauty we live in – right on our doorstep.


When is it?

CE (Cape Explorers) has two groups which run on the first and second Friday of every month. The only time this will deviate is if an outing depends on the tides, or if an event crops up that is not available on one of our set Fridays. As a rough guide, outings will start at 0930/10 and end between 12 and 1 pm. Often there will be an optional gathering for a picnic lunch after an outing.

Please note: CE does not run during school holidays or on public holidays.


What age is CE aimed at?

Ideally, CE caters to children in Grades R-7. It does not exclude teenagers or pre-schoolers, but if you don’t have at least one child in the ideal age bracket, CE might not be the best fit for you!  Teenagers, senior primary or junior primary children are all going to glean  something quite different at each outing because of their ages. You’ll need to be the judge of whether or not this will suit your children. There will be a fair amount of walking and listening involved during each meeting.


How large will CE be?

This really depends on the outings as some venues can accommodate many people and others only a few. Commitment to once a month meetings is the most important thing in determining how large the group will be. Realistically, the group will be kept to a maximum of 35 people.


Can you give me an idea of what kinds of outings we’ll be going on?

Sure! I’m glad you asked. Page through our blog to see where we’ve been or look at some of the places we’re still hoping to get to on the Events page. Remember, the purpose of this club is to help children to learn about Cape Town’s geography, its history and beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds it.

What is the cost?

CE has a base cost per term, per child. This cost covers admin and course supplies – printables, timelines, craftiness to come! You will have access to all the printables offered to use at home for continued learning.

The base cost per term for Cape Explorers is R250 for the first child, R200 for the second child and any additional siblings.

If there is any cost for an outing, this fee will be additional to the CE base cost. Outings requiring a fee will be on the calendar in advance so that you can budget for them. At most, only one outing requiring a fee will be scheduled each month.

Cape Explorers prefers for the term’s amount to be paid in full at the start of the term, but should you need to pay it installments, then please email me.

All payments can be made into the account on the Contact page of this website and proof of payment must be emailed to CE.

Just a few last things to note:

  • Some venues charge for adults as well as children.
  • Cape Explorers reserves the right to adjust fees when necessary.
  • All payments are non-refundable.

What’s this website for?

You can use this website at your discretion: you can read the letters to younger kids, allow older kids to read it with your supervision etc.

Cape Explorers are encouraged to upload photographs/any artwork inspired by the outings to the Explorer Zone, with your permission. Children and families do not have to use their own names on the site at all – you are welcome to provide a pseudonym. There will also be competitions run during each term with wonderful prizes to be won (for entering artwork, photos, having fun, being brave etc – all kinds of things). Mostly, it’s to facilitate fun!


What will be expected of my children?

All Cape Explorers are expected to have fun, more fun, and even more fun. Cape Explorers will have an opportunity to make new friends, strengthen existing friendships and learn things about Cape Town through exploration and discovery. Cape Explorers will have a code of conduct that the Explorers themselves will write together in one of the initial meetings and  that they will agree to uphold.

What will be expected of me?

Just the normal parenting! Enjoying this journey with your children, and keeping up to date with the information posted here, loading photos of the outings, or their artwork.

How will the kids learn?

Primarily that’s up to them, and then up to you. You can explore a topic before we go on an outing; or later once we’ve been somewhere . You can use it as apart of your studies or as a day off school. You can use the resources handed out as you wish, or not at all.

I’ve got a great idea for an outing – can I suggest one?

Absolutely! Do email me  – I welcome suggestions!

Does my child have to wear a Cape Explorers T-shirt?

No, not at all. Wearing their hand painted t-shirts is purely for fun, and something I thought might give the kids ownership and pride. They’re welcome to paint their own shirts at home and wear them, or come dressed however they feel most comfortable.

We don’t live in Cape Town but would love to follow you on your trips so we can learn more about another place – is that okay?

Of course, but do make yourself known! It would be lovely to have you join us as a virtual explorer! Please note that in order to use our printables there will be a small fee. Please email me for further information.

I like the idea of the Cape Explorers, but do not want my children’s photos to be on the internet OR for them to use the internet.

Unfortunately group photos and other candid shots are likely to be taken and posted and I cannot guarantee that your child won’t be in those pictures. What I can offer is anonymity: I shall not publish any names of children in the text or caption. Also, if you are uncomfortable with your child using the internet, you may do everything on this site for them – so it’s your call as to how active they are on the site, if at all.

You’ve answered all my questions, what now?

Now I want you to pause…and carefully consider if this is right for you and your family, in light of all the things you’re already committed to both homeschool-related and life! CE is flexible – kids do get sick and folk do go on holiday — but because there are bookings, payments and more formal institutions involved, it’s best if you check dates and times before signing up. Commitment, character and courtesy are important to Cape Explorers.

Still game?

I’m delighted, and can’t wait to meet you! Please send me an email and we’ll take it from there!

I’ve still got questions!

Then please email me.