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Posted by on March 14, 2016
Meeting up again with our Cape Explorer friends.

Meeting up again with our Cape Explorer friends.

Wasn’t it wonderful to celebrate the start of a new year with Cape Explorers by heading off to Silvermine Dam to spend some time with our friends? The weather was just perfect for a dip in the dam!
I have promised myself that this year I’m going to be just as adventurous as the young explorers in the group. My challenge for the day: getting in the water for a swim! (I’m not much of a swimmer you know?!) How could I resist it when I saw what a great time all of you younger explorers were having?

Our Code of Conduct for 2016

Did you get to see Shane's stick insect?

Did you get to see Shane’s stick insect?

There was so much to do up at the dam, I think you explored every inch of it! Did you enjoy the walk around the dam to see how the mountain flora was recovering after the recent fires? Or were you one of those who spent your time finding frogs and catching fish? Perhaps you just spent the whole time swimming in the mountain waters! What brave explorers we have in both groups-some swam across the dam, some even swam the length of the dam (there were some moms who did it too! Impressive or what?!!) And then there were those who had a leisurely float in their inflatable boats. For those who preferred to stay out of the water and under the shade of the trees much time was spent connecting with friends and enjoying their picnic lunches.


Being part of the Cape Explorers inspires me, as a mom, to be more adventurous. While you young explorers are learning about the world we live in on the outings, and through Karen’s interesting Living Letters, I’m having loads of fun learning too!

I can’t wait to go exploring more with you all this year! I’m wondering if I’ll get to be as brave and adventurous as some of you young explorers by the end of the year!

By the way, I wonder if any of you will take on this challenge: Write about our outings, send it on to me via e-mail, and let’s see whose article gets published each month. Think you can do it?

My daughter wrote about our day at the dam. She was very excited to have her writing on the Cape Explorer’s blog. If you prefer to draw a picture, take a video, write a poem or find any other creative way to share your outing experience with your fellow explorers go ahead, dive in and take the plunge – anything that floats your creative boat will be accepted! I look forward to seeing what you share.

Silvermine Dam 8/2/2016 by Jenna Olivier

On the 5th of Feb (a Friday) we went to Silvermine Dam.

We went with our Cape Explorer’s {group}. We brought our lunch with.

Me, Rachel and Gemma swam across the dam. It was kind of scary. Then we blew up the boat (it was really tough to pump up!)
We tied my surfboard to the back and I trailed along while Gemma and Rache paddled. The dam was really, really, really deep.
I was scared to swim over.

There were birds, frogs, tadpoles, fish, dragonflies and dogs there.

The water was very dark.
There were warm spots and cold spots, but it was cold most of the time.

I would love to go there again with Gem and Rache.

It took forever for mom to get in. I don’t know if she will get in if we come again!


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